This page hosts photographs that are posted through the Celt Taiko site on Picasa.

12/8/2011 - Celt Winter Concert at Crespi Carmelite

       By Alan Waite

10/14/2011 - Celt Performance at Homecoming Football game against Notre Dame
By Glenn Dietz
10/9/2011 - Brief Performance at Taste of Encino Fair
By Scott Miller
10/6/2011 - Celt Football game at Taft High School
By Glenn Dietz
9/30/2011 - Celt Football game at Crespi Carmelite football field
By Glenn Dietz
By Robert Schwartz 
7/16/2011 - Crespi Taiko Muay Thai Event 2011
By Glenn Dietz
5/12/2011 - Crespi Spring Taiko Performance
By Glenn Dietz